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10 Healthy Movies To Watch This Weekend

Favourite Films

Looking for something to watch this weekend?  Check out some of my favourite healthy movies below. Supersize Me I can’t believe that this film is over 10 years old!!!  It was the first documentary I watched about food and health.   Morgan Spurlock filmed his experience of eating nothing but McDonald’s three times a day for […]

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Tips For Switching To Natural Beauty Products

Over the last few years I’ve put a lot of emphasis on cleaning up my diet, trying my best to avoid processed foods and pesticide exposure by choosing organic whole foods when possible. But the endocrine disrupters in everyday cosmetics and toiletries can be just as harmful to our bodies. Our skin is our largest […]

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Work Day A Little Healthier

Tips for a Healthier Work Day

Staying healthy at the office can be a real challenge. I should know, I’ve worked in offices my whole adult life.  Whether it’s grabbing food on the go, eating at your desk and loading up on coffee or indulging in muffins and biscuits at meetings, cakes at your colleague’s birthday or sweet treats somebody brought […]

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August Favourites

HEALTHY Viridian Sports Electrolyte Fix During and following my Clear Passage therapy I’ve been instructed to drink isotonic sports drinks to help with oedema and to replenish my electrolytes.  The only thing is that a lot of those sports drinks are full of sugar which I hated drinking because of the high sugar and they […]

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