August Favourites

August Favourites


Viridian Sports Electrolyte Fix

During and following my Clear Passage therapy I’ve been instructed to drink isotonic sports drinks to help with oedema and to replenish my electrolytes.  The only thing is that a lot of those sports drinks are full of sugar which I hated drinking because of the high sugar and they weren’t agreeing with me.  So I was delighted when I came across these electrolyte drops which I can add to my water instead.  The drops are going to last me ages so are way more cost effective than the sports drinks too!


I’ve always thought zoodles/courgetti etc were a great way of getting more veg into my diet and love how they add a bit of novelty to my lunches and dinners so I was excited to try out the Morphy Richards Spiralizer Express this month.

Normally I just use a julienne peeler, which means that the zoodling (I think I just made up a word there) options available to me are somewhat limited to carrots, parsnips and courgettes with my zoodles being all the one width and straight and only really as long as the vegetable (e.g. length of the carrot).  I was pretty content with this until I tried the Spiralizer Express which opened up a whole new world of much longer and more curly zoodles!   I could also spiralize a wider variety of fruits and veg including apples, butternut squash, beetroot and celeriac which wouldn’t have worked very well with my julienne peeler. The spiralizer has two options for width of zoodle – one thinner option (like spaghetti) and one thicker option (like linguini).  It’s very quick and easy enough to use and clean once I got the hang of things and it came with a small recipe book which has given me plenty of inspiration for future dinners.  I think my julienne peeler has been relegated to the back of the cutlery drawer!



Traveling always makes me very happy.  I love the excitement of heading to the airport knowing that I’m heading off on a bit of an adventure (or at least a break away from my everyday routine).  In early August I travelled to both Lisbon in Portugal and Kent in the UK.

Lisbon was hot and sunny, colourful and lively.  We made the most of our short weekend visit and headed to the breezy coastal towns of Cascais and Ericeira, both of which have very different vibes.  Cascais being a bigger, more glamourous town with big hotels and plenty of restaurants while Ericeira being a more relaxed fishing and surfing village with lots of white washed houses and narrow cobble streets.  I had one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Ericeira – a little beach side shack that served fish.  You picked the fish you wanted from their tank which was then grilled and served with lemon, salt and olive oil.  No fancy dressings or marinades or spices.  It was ridiculously fresh and tasty!  With a side of broccoli, it was a filling and satisfying lunch and the views from our table weren’t too shabby!

Then in Kent I got to visit so many English towns and villages – from medieval Sandwich and seaside town Whitstable to bustling Canterbury with its famous cathedral to Dover where I hiked the stunning white cliffs.   We got to eat al fresco a good bit that week which is always a novelty, my favourite place being a pub right on the beach with the cliffs of Dover as its background.

Travel is definitely good for the soul!


While in Kent, I picked up Better You Magnesium Body Lotion.  I’m always keen to try different body creams and lotions and had been wanting to try one with magnesium for a while.  Soaking into the skin, the magnesium is supposed to soothe and relax.  I’m not sure if I noticed a huge difference on that end but I’m not too disappointed as not only does it contain magnesium oil but also shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E which are all fantastic moisturisers in my book.  I found it to be nourishing but not greasy like some body lotions I’ve tried before and it’s been great on my sensitive skin too.  One I’d buy again for sure.

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