I went to Clear Passage with a number of issues – strictures from Crohn’s, lack of periods, low nutritional absorption, SIBO, fatigue, leg ache etc.  My main reason for going though was to avoid major surgery for strictures.  Now that the therapy is over and I’ve been doing the home programme for about six months, I thought it would be good to do an update.

Okay so the positives from doing the therapy:

  • The support before, during and since treatment has been amazing!!!!  Seriously, these people care!  Anytime I’ve had any questions or haven’t been well I can email and they get back to me within a day or two.  That has really blown me away.
  • I got my period back!!!  After 18 months of not having one naturally.  While they aren’t like clockwork and it’s great to know I can have them back naturally.
  • I used to have achy legs all the time (especially in the morning – my knees used to really ache) but I haven’t experienced that since the treatment.
  • I learnt so much about my posture and how everything was connected – so trouble with my hips / glutes etc stemmed from the adhesions in my abdomen etc.
  • I got a home programme so I continue to do therapy on myself every day which I find very useful.
  • The treatment is very very individualised – I have a feeling no two treatments are the same.
  • My blood work shows slight improvement in absorption of nutrients so I’m heading in the right direction.  While I’m still low in certain nutrients and still am fatigued sometimes, it doesn’t seem to be as bad as before the treatment.
  • The treatment experience itself was really good. I enjoyed the week.
  • I definitely felt very different after the week – I could feel everything inside move with more ease and less rigidity.  My flexibility has improved also.
  • What I liked about Clear Passage is that they are very research orientated.  They want to put together scientific research papers together to validate their work.  Any staff member I came in contact with was lovely.  They are super picky about the therapists they head hunt and the training that the therapists go through.  With regards SIBO, they have been given the thumbs up from Alison Sebecker (siboinfo.com) and others like her.

Now the not-so-positives (or maybe I should say the disappointments):

  • I found that I experienced more gas bubbles, tummy gurgles, fermenty-feeling and a strange feeling whenever my bladder gets full.  They feel this could be due to hormonal shifts or a candida infection or both.  But it turns out that this could be due to dilation of my intestines and a resulting back-up of its contents.
  • I wanted to be able to increase the foods I was able to eat without adverse reaction and unfortunately due to this gas/bloating etc my scope has gotten narrower which gets me down a little.
  • And as for avoiding surgery?  While my latest MRI scan showed significant improvements in some areas of stricturing, unfortunately there is an area that has gotten worse and I’m still at high risk of a perforation.

    So while Clear Passage was a positive experience, it didn’t have the particular outcome that I wanted and I’m now facing surgery.   More on this in my next blog.

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