6 Tips to Have Your Skin Glowing This Winter

Get Glowing Skin This Winter

Get Glowing Skin This Winter

Baby it’s cold outside!!!  Let’s face it, winter can play havoc with our skin.  Going from indoor central heating to harsh weather conditions outside can leave our skin tired, dry and dull.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you incorporate some of my tips below you can have soft, smooth, gorgeous skin that will give you a happy, healthy glow all winter long.

And while your face and hands may the only bits of skin on show for the winter months there’s no need to ignore the rest of your body!!!


Hydrate with plenty of water

Your skin still needs plenty of hydration during the winter months so it’s important to drink water throughout the day.  I start every morning with a big mug of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon.  Not only does it hydrate me right away, it kick starts my digestive system.  In winter though I do find it harder to drink cold water which is why I love warming herbal teas which go towards your total intake of water for the day.  My favourites are peppermint tea and ginger and lemon.  It’s also good to be aware of your activity level as if you are more active you’ll probably need more water.


Eat hydrating food and don’t forget fat!

During the winter months we naturally gravitate toward cooked, warming foods like soups and stews. While this is natural and you can still get some great nutrition from these foods, your body can use up some of its water reserves to help digest them.  So it’s a good idea to include some raw high water content fruit and veggies such as apples, pears, leafy greens etc into your meals every day as they don’t rely on your body’s water stores to be digested.  Having salads, smoothies or even snacking on these hydrating foods will help you hydrate from the inside out.

It’s also important to include good sources of fat during harsher winter months which help insulate your body and will do wonders for your skin and other bodily functions.  Coconut oil, olive oil, real butter from grass-fed cows and ghee are all great sources.  Maybe try bullet proof coffee or use these oils when cooking or like me have a spoon of coconut oil in the morning!


Minimize your time in a hot bath or shower or just have a warm one!

This one is hard for me as I love nothing more than a hot hot shower!  But unfortunately hot water dries out our skin as it can remove our natural protective oils.  If you have to have a hot one, minimize the time you spend in it and make sure to follow up with a good quality body cream or oil.  Or if you still want a long soak or shower, turn down the heat… your skin will thank you for it!



Exfoliation is great for removing the dull, dry and dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean and smoother.  You could try dry brushing every day or use exfoliating products a couple of times a week.  Make sure to use a gentler product on your face and lips.



It’s important to replenish your skin with moisture every day.  I like using more luxurious body butters and rich body moisturizers during the winter.  I pay particular attention to my hands and feet which are particularly susceptible to drying out, using a thick deep conditioning moisturiser at night.  Just before going to bed I’ll put the moisturiser on and pop on a pair of socks and voila, in the morning I’ve got much softer feet.  I also help my facial routine on with a hydrating mask or oil once or twice a week.


Invest in a humidifier

It can be useful to have a humidifier in your home to keep the moisture level of the air high which can often be lost from central heating.  It’s especially useful to have one in the bedroom which will help your skin hold on to moisture during the night.

Don’t want to buy a humidifier?  No problem.  You can alternatively recreate similar effects by filling a bowl with lukewarm water or placing a damp towel on top of the radiator when it’s on.

What are your tips for glowing skin in the winter??

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  1. I definitely try to drink more water to stay hydrated and carry my PureH2O water bottle everywhere I go! Whenever I run out of water I just need to fill it since there’s a filter built inside already 🙂

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