Infused Water Inspirations

A Healthy Happy Glow

One of my very first blog posts was about the benefits of drinking more water and it’s always one of the first things I get clients to do when I start working with them.

However, it’s something I personally struggle with.  I’m a cold creature and find plain old cold water really hard to drink especially in the winter time.  But now that we’re heading for summer and the weather is getting warmer I’ll be more open to drinking cold water.  And to encourage me to drink more, I like to make infused water to jazz it up and make it more interesting.

The two I make most are cucumber infused water and a citrus blend where I add lemon, lime and oranges to the water.

I’ve been looking online and found some great inspiration:

Lemon raspberry water
Click here for the recipe

Other fruit infusions I want to experiment with are:

  • Mango, lime and pineapple
  • Honeydew melon and cucumber
  • Watermelon and blueberries
  • Kiwi and blackberries
  • Pear and fennel

Adding fresh herbs is another twist.  Mint on its own is lovely but here are a few other mint combinations:


strawberry, lime, cucumber, mintClick here for the recipe


Strawberry, orange, mint waterClick here for the recipe

Not to mention:

  • Melon and mint
  • Blueberries, lemon and mint
  • Lime, ginger and mint (I like this one in sparkling water).

And then there’s branching out using other herbs such as:


strawberry basil water

Click here for the recipe


blackberry sage

Click here for the recipe

And I think I’ll try these combo’s too:

  • Green apple, raspberry and rosemary
  • Melon and basil

I’m actually looking forward to drinking more water now and experimenting with different flavour combinations.

Do you drink infused water?  What’s your favourite combination?

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