Healthy and Happy Gift Guide 2015


Healthy Gift Guide

(1) One of my ‘best buys’ ever has to be my Vitamix.  Whether it’s whizzing up green smoothies, acai smoothie bowls, soups, dairy free ice-cream (made with frozen bananas) or coconut (or nut) butter it’s really just the tip of the iceberg as to what this machine can do.  Yes, it’s expensive but it does stand the test of time.  A really great gift.

(2) While I know it’s really important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, I find it quite hard especially in winter when the weather gets cold and all I want is something hot.  This is why I love herbal teas as they are a great way to get some warm hydration!  I’m pretty sure KeepCups are meant for coffee but I use mine for my teas which I can have on-the-go!  Plus there are so many colours and sizes to choose from!

(3) This Stanley vacuum food jar is BPA free and uses vacuum insulation to keep food hot or cold for up to 5 hours. A grown up lunch box for soups and stews perfect for winter.  And you may get some good recipe ideas in The Detox Kitchen Bible which are all wheat-free, dairy-free and sugar-free.

(4) Personalised planters are such a cute idea to starting a herb garden and getting fresh herbs is a great start to eating more SLOWly.

(5) Need to buy a gift for a gluten-free foodie?  There are some great gluten-free hampers available ranging in price and products offered.  I particularly like the ones from The Wholefood Revolution, Greedy Goose and Hampers Direct.

(6) Getting a good night’s sleep will be a bit more festive with this tartin sleep mask.


Happy Holiday Gift Ideas

(1) I wrote recently about why I’ve started colouring.  Adult colouring books are everywhere and I’m hoping to get a few from Santa this year.

(2) Meditation is becoming more mainstream as more and more people discover its many benefits.   The Headspace app makes meditation even more accessible and user friendly.  A subscription to the app would make a wonderful gift.

(3) Kindness and giving are proven to be beneficial to our health and happiness.  Maybe you could try your hand at homemade healthy treats as gifts and give them in these lovely gift bags.

(4) Cultivating an attitude of gratitude goes a long way in improving happiness.  The Gratitude Diaries and Start Where You Are look like great inspirational reads in cultivating that attitude.  Meanwhile Big Magic by Eat Pray Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert looks like another inspirational read that will have readers start 2016 pumped with positivity!

(5) I’m not sure people laugh enough and laughter is so good for us!  Give someone the giggles for Christmas with a funny film.  The one that made me laugh a lot this year is Spy starring Melissa McCarthy.

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