7 Reasons Why I’ve Started Colouring

7 reasons to color

I loved loved loved colouring when I was a kid.  It was hands down one of my favourite past times and I would happily spend hours with my favourite markers, crayons and colouring books, doodling, drawing and colouring.  Art was probably my favourite subject in school and I even thought about studying it in college at one stage.  But, apart from one year about ten years ago when I actually took art classes, I’ve just not done much since school and art unfortunately became another thing on the ‘should do’ list for ‘someday’.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw colouring books for grown up’s popping up everywhere.

Colouring books have allowed me to get creative and reconnect with my inner child in a really convenient, non-time-consuming and inexpensive way.  And that’s not it, colouring is actually good for my health too!!  The famed psychologist Carl Jung was on to something when he started prescribing colouring to his psychiatry patients…

Here are my 7 reasons for colouring:  

Colouring focuses my attention on the present.
As I’m concentrating on what I’m doing, it’s quietening my monkey mind (which can be quite loud at times).  So not only is my concentration muscle being flexed, any negative thoughts or worries I may have are pushed aside for the duration of my colouring.  Colouring has been said to enable you achieve mindfulness and can be a good alternative to meditation if somebody has difficulty with meditating.   Colouring has become part of my evening routine as I wind down before bed.

Colouring allows me a digital detox.
If I wasn’t colouring, I’d probably be staring at a screen, flicking through social media or emails.  I can’t colour and check my phone at the same time so colouring enforces a bit of a digital detox (even if it’s just for a little while).  I think most people could do with a little less screen time.

Colouring relaxes me, resulting in the better ability to deal with anxiety and stress.
Colouring is said to relax the amygdala — the fear centre of the brain — allowing your mind to get the rest it needs, thereby relaxing you.   I’m all about stress management and love any little hacks that can help me become more balanced.

Colouring is a form of self-expression for me.
While it might not be my drawings I still have the creative freedom to choose any colour I want and I get to choose to colour inside or outside the lines.   It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of it.  It’s a no judgement zone.  It’s just for me.  Bliss!

Colouring is said to improve fine motor skills and vision.
It requires the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate and therefore may help in the prevention of dementia much in the same way as crossword or soduko puzzles.

Colouring can ignite the exploratory nature of the creative mind.
Colouring is said to break up routine patterns and ways of thinking.  As it gives my mind and thoughts breathing space, it can then go in new and different directions.  I often find I get ideas popping into my head as I colour.

C’mon basically when it comes down to it, colouring is fun!!
Realistically I don’t actually think of the health benefits when I’m colouring.  I do it because I enjoy it and I love using colours and making pretty pictures.  Even if the only benefit was enjoyment, I think that’d be a good enough reason for me!!!
Have you tried colouring?  Have you noticed any benefits?  What’s your favourite colouring book?

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